Sunday, March 23, 2008

My addiction to soap

I just love it when soap is more then just soap. Ive found a few soaps on etsy that are just so cute and yummy!!
This Coffee soap neutralizes smells on your hands especially after cooking in the kitchen. This photo is from nordea's soaperie
Looks so yummy, reminds me of a Chocolate Mocca cake.

Another soap which I find so cute is the sheep soap by

I never knew soaps could be so adorable! The details are lovely and so fine. who could pass up such a cute thing?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My first snowfall

This is my first winter in the states. for Christmas I went up to Missouri and i saw snow for the first time. I was quite exited and inspired that I decided to write two poems about snow in my creative writing class.


Season of bitter winds and unfruitfulness,
Friends of black trees and sad dying clouds.
You sweep people into their homes with your icy breath,
But we love you still if not for your crystal white snow,
Covering everything that’s so bleak and dead.
We forget why we lock ourselves inside,
A spell you put on us with your white beauty so haunting,
You are lucky dear winter, because you fascinate us so.

My first snow fall

The whistling trees woke me from bed,
Peering out the window, I saw nothing there.
I touched the icy pane, and I knew it would be soon,
So I thanked him, for reminding me to be aware.

I crept out the door. I was surprised by the wind.
He blew so hard, so cold, trying to burn my face.
Oh, don’t think you can talk me out of this.
I have traveled far and long to be at this place.

I looked up, something was coming.
I saw her hurry down to greet me,
As I blinked my eyes, she touched my skin,
Cold outside, but I felt warm within.

Now I know what it feels like,
Feeling her paintbrush swishing in the moonlight.
How happy she has made me tonight,
when I was painted all white.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

This is from my Dove collection done in 2003. This piece was inspired by the dove that symbolises peace and purity. This is one of my favorites so far. I love the quilting texture that is done in the shape of the Dove's wing.

stuff that I've done

so it seems that I have finally become a blogger myself. Didn't think i would be since I do not like to write a whole lot. but I always wanted to share past projects and upcoming projects with everybody just to get feedback and hopefully to inspire.

I have gone to college for Three years back in Malaysia and graduated with an associates degree. Now I am residing in Florida to complete a bachelors degree.